Making Catholic Education Inclusive for All Learners

At The Matthew 19:14 Project, our mission is simple. We provide Arizona Catholic Schools with resources and support for the success of students with special needs because we believe a Catholic education should be accessible to all children – regardless of their needs or means.

We believe that a family that desires the benefits of a Catholic education for all their children can happen regardless of their child's learning challenges because a Catholic education should be accessible to all children.


Our Mission

Supporting Catholic Schools

Our mission is to provide Arizona Catholic schools with the resources and support for the success of students with special needs because a Catholic education should be accessible to all children.

The Gospel and Pope Francis have called for inclusion – and we sincerely believe that if a school doesn’t do its best to participate in inclusive efforts for children with special needs, they are not living up to our Catholic identity. That’s where The Matthew 19:14 Project comes in.


Our Vision

A Catholic School Education For All Children

Matthew 19:14 reads: "Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.'"

Our organization's name comes from our vision. We want to ensure that any family that desires a Catholic education for all of their children can have one.

Our goal is to remove the financial barriers that often face Catholic schools, and provide the much-needed equipment and resources, as well as the teacher training required to ensure every student gets a quality education.


What We Do

Partnering Directly With Catholic Schools In Arizona

To make our vision into a reality, we have partnered with many Arizona Catholic Schools to provide resources, support and information for the success of schools with students with special needs. At The Matthew 19:14 Project, we partner directly with schools to provide them with twice-yearly grants.

Accredited Catholic schools in Arizona can apply for a grant requesting financial support to better serve the school's exceptional learners' needs.


In March 2023, Bishop John P. Dolan had a meeting with our Founder and President Lisa Fischer, and board member Ed Fischer, to discuss our mission of inclusion in education and share updates on our goals.

"The Matthew 19:14 Project has been doing important work in our community for many years, providing students with disabilities the resources and support they need to succeed academically. Through The Matthew 19:14 Project's programs and services, Catholic schools have been able to support countless students to overcome learning challenges and physical constraints to reach their full academic potential." ~ Rev. John P. Dolan, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix

"It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse the work of The Matthew 19:14 Project in support of our Catholic schools and their work with special needs children. I have witness this organization progress from its infancy back in 2014, supporting schools, teachers, and students with special needs by providing funds for equipment, classroom tools and professional development training opportunities. The partnership between The Matthew 19:14 Project and the Diocese of Phoenix Catholic Schools Office will be a tremendous resource to our schools moving forward as we continue our mission to support families who desire a Catholic education for their children." ~ Domonic Salce, Superintendent, Diocese of Phoenix Catholic Schools Office

Your donation is an investment in a child's academic, emotional and spiritual future

We’re always proud to share our mission and our passion with others. To learn more about what we do, inquire about funding for your school, make a donation or for any other inquiries, please contact The Matthew 19:14 Project.